Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Few Links

Some links to share:

One to an open thread on Slacktiverse entitled I'll Have the Salad.  The idea was for participants to write an opening paragraph or two for an adventure story that started with the words, “I’ll have the salad”, with two caveats. One, it had make sense for the character to order a salad (no, “I’ll have the salad”, said Indiana Jones) and two, it had to make sense for the story to start with those words, rather than start at some other point. Three of us took up the challenge, and the results are in the comments.

Another link is to a post on the Tiger Droppings Off Topic Board, a place I normally warn people about, but I found this post, deconstructing an apocalypse pamphlet, funny. (content note, mild profanity).

At Jezebel, a thread entitled Amazon Removes Guide to Date Rape After Outcry. Content note, rape and rape apologizing, including a picture that would simply be erotic in another context.

One more, about an NFL team name.

Oh, let's throw in the link to Chris the Cynic's Rules for Dating My Child T-Shirt.