Monday, October 3, 2011


I had my last visit with Dr. S about my foot on Thursday. We discussed exercise and I am allowed to do my Strong Women routine, minus calf raises but including squats. I’m pretty much banned from calf raises forever. I can live with that. We didn’t discuss deadlifting but I have decided to wait until next spring before adding those to my routine, by which time it will be a year since I broke the foot and it should be as healed as it will ever get. So my plan is resume walking once a week with my friend D, go to the Y once a week with hubby and ride the exercise bike, and weights at home starting with one time a week and working up to three times a week. I may eventually resume the Little Old Lady Exercise Class, or I may see what they have at the Y, since we’re paying for it anyway and it’s closer.

Dr. S actually proved to be a font* of information about exercise, especially bicycling. He agreed with me that squats should strengthen my knees and reduce knee pain. He also gave some tips for how to set the seat on my bike to reduce the wobbling in my knees when I ride, leading to less pain. As much as I sometimes wanted to throttle the man, I’m grateful for his help.  

So I guess I am officially All Better. That means I no longer have an excuse for ducking the housework, but on the bright side, it means my shoe choices have expanded from one pair to four, so I can at least look better while doing it.

*Font? Fount? I looked it up online to figure out which it should be and it turns out no one else knows either.

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