Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home At Last

As my six and a half faithful readers may have noticed, I have not been posting over the past two weeks. My husband and I have been visiting our son Neal in London, and I don’t like to post about my travels while I’m away from home, because I don’t want my house to end up on rob this house dot com or whatever it is called. I’m home now, so expect posts about our travels.

I probably should say “my seven and a half” faithful readers, because when I told my son I was not posting to my blog while I was away, he responded, “I noticed”. “You read my blog?” I asked. The first time I ever asked him to read one of my blog posts, he reported having fallen asleep halfway through it. It was a 37 line poem. So I had been pretty confident he hadn’t been reading anything else.

Uh oh.

So expect posts about our two week visit to Neal in which any mention of Neal is conspicuously absent.


  1. Rob this house dot com? I think we have ourselves a kickstarter.

  2. I was hoping everything was OK, as the last thing I'd read was of a large storm approaching...

    Glad London was good, look forward to the posts!