Thursday, April 25, 2013

World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is easy for me to remember. It's also my husband's birthday. It was my dad's birthday, and today is the one year birthday of a friend's son. I don't know what it means that they were all born on World Malaria Day, but stay safe, guys. Oh, and click below if you want to donate to the cause.

  Roll Back Malaria
World Malaria Day 2009

That button says you can click on it, but it doesn't seem to work, so go here: 


  1. I work in a medical research institute, and our reception area is currently full of tropical plants and festooned with mosquito netting - very gorgeous!

    Of course, the giant video display in the hall is showing endless red blood cells, with a mosquito-whine sound effect over the top, and this is less pleasant...

  2. Oh Catherine, whose idiotic idea was the mosquito sound effect?!? Remind me not to come near your workplace next World Malaria Day, that would drive me crazy. OK, more crazy.

    You should come to my institute, we don't go anywhere near as insane for World HIV/AIDS Day!