Monday, August 1, 2011

Better and Better

I went back to see my foot doctor again today. My foot continues to heal well. I was a little worried about it because it has been sore the last few days, but the bone is almost healed. I no longer have to wear the soft cast! I have a beefed-up insole in my shoe instead. This means I can take baths and showers and get really clean, and I can scratch my foot when it gets itchy. It's amazing how much small pleasures mean.

I still need to wear the walking boot part time, but in a week or two if my foot feels well enough to me I can give up the boot. In three weeks time I should be completely healed if my recovery proceeds the way it has been. That's when my next appointment is.

I'm sure I will feel grateful for my healthy foot for a month or so before I go back to taking functioning feet for granted. That's been my history with health issues: foot surgery, back pain, my few episodes of flu. While I'm ailing I swear that when I'm well again I will appreciate my good health, and I do, for a while.

Tomorrow I'm going to drive my car down to the gas station and see how it feels to work the clutch. I miss driving. I've had a small foretaste of how it's going to be in not many more years when I am not fit to drive any more. Where I grew up there was almost always a late August day when the temperature dropped into the 60's, giving a foretaste of fall, a kind of reverse Indian Summer. I'm reminded of those days. I hope I can be gracious when the time comes, and grateful for summer days that were.


  1. That's good to hear that it's getting better. I hope it keeps going down that path and that nothing else comes along (for a while at the least).