Monday, December 5, 2011


In packages of tinsel flimsy
Hopes that this will be the one time the children
Cease their quarrels,

And wrapping, in sturdy boxes, strapping taped protection 
Against the guilt of being miles and years way 
From a place no longer home,

And wrapping 
The hope that a small gift will arm against
The jealousy of friendship

And wrapping
The boxed reminders that the year just passed 
Is counted out in broken promises, lost hopes,
And goals as distant as Atlantis,

I remember
That in just such demon days
As winter swallowed daylight
Seekers preached

The birth of the Sun,
The birth of the Son,
The birth of the Light.



  1. You're welcome, Sarah. I had been planning to post the poem even before I read your post, but since you mentioned having a hard time finding Advent poems, I decided I'd call this one to your attention, even though I don't think it's exactly what you had in mind. :)