Friday, January 20, 2012


I have discovered a new way to waste all my time, actually two new ways. One is, which led me to Polyvore is a shopping site which allows you to create outfits by dragging clip art together, sort of like playing with paper dolls only without the dolls. Since I have a pair of black shorts, I decided to look for co-ordinating items, and assembled the outfit below.
When I saved the outfit, I titled it "Summer".

I wouldn’t have thought to pair the shorts with a pale gold top, but I found the hat, which led me to look for a top to match the tan stripes in the hat, and that led to the blouse. Then I looked for a scarf and that scarf! Stripes just like the hat, and yes, the predominant color is navy, not black, but there is black outlining the navy zig-zags and some of the flowers. So the scarf led to the purse and the sandals and bangles are pretty self-explanatory.

So now I want this outfit. I want this outfit despite the fact that the price of the components, minus the shorts, since I already have shorts, is around $560, which is more than my clothes budget for the entire season. $255 of that is the scarf. So if I lose the scarf (but I love the scarf), that gets it down to around $300. There is a problem with the top, though: the largest size it comes in is too small for me. Take away the scarf and the top and that leaves $160. The bangles have to be ordered from the UK, though, which means shipping costs. Besides, while I like the idea of the bangles, I don’t like the actuality of bangles. I’m constantly fighting to keep them from falling off my arm. 

Okay, so lose the bangles. The shoes, the hat and the purse together are about $150. I don’t know about the hat, though. If the crown fits, fine, but if it’s too big the brim will be down around my chin. So that leaves the purse and the sandals. I have black sandals and without the hat, top and scarf, the purse makes no sense.

So problem solved, right? I can’t buy this outfit: it’s impractical, its expensive and parts of it won’t even fit me.

Sigh. Sometimes I hate common sense.

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  1. great selection! Its great combination of hat, handbag shoes and dress. You did adorable job..Hats off to you! Cheers!