Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Brave was my husband’s choice of movie to see. “You do know that’s a Disney cartoon?” I asked. Yes, he knew, but wanted to see it anyway. I don’t mind watching Disney cartoons, either, although I was more prone to do so back when I worked with children and it was useful to know what they were watching.

The earliest showing we could get to was at 12:05. It turned out to be the 3D version, which is more expensive than the regular 2D version, but that wasn’t showing until 2:20. “What do you want to do?” asked hubby. I had actually never seen a 3D movie in a theater, other than the Muppet movie at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, so I was okay with the 3D version. Besides, he was paying. (I paid for lunch.)

We had a few moments of buyer’s remorse during the previews. Everything looked slightly blurry with the glasses on and even blurrier with them off. Fortunately, the projectionist got the focus right in time for the short animation, La Luna, which preceded the main movie. La Luna was charming, and did an amazingly good job of characterization even though none of the three characters spoke a word. 

Brave was also delightful. Tomboy Merida with her wild hair left me almost hearing my mother’s voice, “Get that hair out of your face!” I hadn’t read much about it at all before seeing it so the main plot point came as a surprise. From that point on, the movie was pretty predictable and the message trite, but I say this from the point of view of a 65 year old who has seen the original release of Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp as well as early re-releases of Cinderella, Snow White, and Bambi. Walt and I go back a long way. For the film’s target audience, the message that you can’t change your fate by changing another person is fresh and new and worth repeating.

Besides, the characters are delightful, the animation is spectacular, and the lack of a handsome prince is a refreshing change. 

One note about the 3D. As my husband noted, for a lot of the movie it didn’t make a difference. It was like looking at a 2D movie with occasional 3D interpolations.  You might prefer to save the extra money for popcorn.


  1. I have yet to go see a movie in theaters in 3D; I just don't want to fork out the extra money. I am glad to hear you enjoyed Brave, I have read a lot of mixed reviews. I know my kids have been bugging me to take them to go see it after we just got the video game from Blockbuster @Home. I wanted to take them sometime this week but I have been so busy working at Dish I haven't had time. So hopefully we can go see it this weekend.

  2. Not only expense, but some people find 3D makes them nauseated or gives them headaches. I really want to take eldest daughter and Mom to Brave, but I'm not sure we'll be able to make it in, this trip--especially if we have to work around so we can see it NOT in 3D.

  3. I did have a bad dizzy spell the next day. I am prone to them, due to Meniere's disease, but the movie may have been a trigger.

    Some large theaters have very popular movies playing on two screens at slightly staggered times, and for 3D movies, one showing is the 2D version.