Saturday, July 28, 2012

Subscribe Later

A warning notice from my virus software keeps popping up on my computer. No, it is not a warning about some virus that is munching its way through my files in preparation for grabbing my address book and launching itself at all my friends and family. The warning advises me that my virus software subscription is about to expire.

To dismiss the warning notice, I have to select one of three choices: one takes me to their web page to sign up for another year, another says, “I have a subscription key” and takes me to the software itself to use said key, and the third is “remind me later”. There is no, “I don’t want to renew your software” option. The “later” in remind me later is not something reasonable, like a week or so from now, it’s “later” as in “whenever my computer wakes up from sleep mode”.

Last year I tried to disable the reminder feature. In consultation with my son, who knows his Macs, I deleted several preference files, to no effect. I decided to wait until the subscription expired, taking the reminder notice with it. The subscription expired. Weeks later, the notice still kept popping up. 

I finally renewed the software at the request of a group I email links to frequently, because they complained that they were getting buggy links from somewhere and wanted all of us who sent them to make sure our submissions were virus free.

I think I am going to need to contact the company to find out if there is any way to get rid of the notice. My first question is going to be, why do I want to renew a subscription to virus software that reminds me so much of a virus?

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