Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A New Wrinkle

Isaac has now strengthened into a hurricane and instead of moving inland, weakening back to a tropical storm, and moving out of my life has decided to linger on the coast.

The problem is a high pressure system running through Oklahoma that has Isaac pinned in place. Thanks, Oklahoma, that sort of behavior is why you have droughts, you know that? Seriously, though, what looked liked a manageable tropical storm is becoming a serious problem for the Louisiana coastal communities, because the longer it hangs around, the more rain it drops. Rain on top of the storm surge means flooding. 

Hurricane Isaac has also finally developed an eye wall, which means that when it finally does pass us to our west, we will be on the dreaded northeast side for hours. I am not looking forward to this.

At least our power is still on, although we’ve been getting some ominous flickers, so that might not last too much longer. The laundry is done, I got a hot shower this morning, and made extra coffee and tea to heat up on our gas stove when the power goes out. I washed the dishes by hand since we might not be able to use the dishwasher for a while. First world problems.

I’d better post this while there is still time. If you read this today, send good wishes, and I’m hoping whatever storms you face in your own life pass quickly.

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