Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh, Good, Something New to Worry About

I wandered over to the tigerdroppings.com O-T lounge this morning, and found this thread: Do You Put Your Cups/Glasses Away Facing Up Or Down?

Tiger Droppings is a primarily sports oriented message board for LSU fans and opponents. It has several sports forums but it also has non-sports oriented forums. In addition to the O-T Lounge, there are forums for politics, money, food, entertainment, gaming, a ticket exchange and something called the Fark Board. 

So you might expect that the demographic of the message board is largely young to middle aged males, and not expect a discussion of how you store your glassware to attract many responses, but this is Louisiana, where men can cook, bake, garden, and worry about their stemware and as long as they are toting a Smith and Wesson, it’s all good.

I was surprised that most of the people who responded store their cups down, to keep the dust out. On the other hand, those who do store their cups/glasses up point out that the cabinet doors keep the dust out but the shelves can get dirty and the rims will be germy if you store them down. 

I keep my glasses and cups upright but I never really thought about why. I’m pretty sure it’s because Mom did it that way. Dust would never dare settle in her cabinets. I do have an open Welsh cupboard in the dining room and the crystal there gets dusty, but it would look funny face down and anyway, the outside would get dusty. I wash the crystal before I use it, which is once or twice a year.

Maybe I should store some of my glasses up and some down and see which works better.

On the other hand, maybe I should just go dust.


  1. I store my cups right side up, because they are Chinese style cups that have lids, but the lids are upside down. Store my glasses upside down, though. I live in West Texas (the rectangular sticking up bit, not the pointy bit that ends in El Paso)and dust gets into everything here. Literally. One point that wasn't mentioned, you will never find a dead bug in the bottom of an upside down glass.

  2. I store my cups and mugs right side up, but my stemware upside down.