Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

The new patio furniture was finally delivered, a week late. Its delivery corresponded with a heat wave. The temperature has since cooled down a lot, because it’s raining. I hope I get to use the new furniture before fall, but at least it looks pretty.

The new dining set. John made the bench back by the window.

A matching bench at the other side of the patio, plus the glider from the old set of furniture on the left. The dark gray plaque is off the wall because John needs to scrub the mildew off if the rain ever stops. That's also why the glider is where it is. 

The temperature cooling down also coincided with our getting the air conditioner fixed, for a measly $1938. 

I took the bandage off my injured foot today, per doctor’s instructions. I was able to take a real shower, which was nice. The foot still feels sore, but there are no intense stabbing pains when I walk. Of course, I’m mostly keeping off of it.

My son called from London earlier, needing a shoulder to cry on because “[his] company is full of idiots.” I had to break the bad news to him that every company is full of idiots. That’s why mommy is retired. Seriously, though, it’s hard hearing your child discuss a problem when you don’t have wise advice to give. He had spoken to his dad earlier, who did have some wise advise to give, i.e, before you go off on anybody, keep your boss in the loop. 

We got a letter from church today, informing us that they have 90% of the funds to pay off the mortgage on the renovations, and hope to have a mortgage burning party by the end of the year. Is burning anything around a building you just paid a million dollar mortgage on wise? The letter concluded with, “The Executive Leadership Team excitedly anticipates celebrating this accomplishment and moving forward into a new vision beginning in 2013.” I wonder if this “new vision” includes addressing accessibility issues?

I’ve read a couple of books this week I want to write about next week. Reading is my go to activity when I have to lounge around with my foot up.

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