Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Vignette Involving My Husband

I wrote about how my husband and I went to Opelousas a short while ago to go to the racetrack. While we were there we had lunch at Back in Time, a unique little cafe in which the menu items are largely named after movies, movie characters, and movie stars from the mid-20th century. We like to go there and split a muffaletta, and I like to get the Italian Iced Tea.

The Italian Iced Tea is not something you would find in Italy. It is unsweetened iced tea poured over a serving of sugar free Italian ice, and so far as I know, Back in Time is the only place that has it.

The day we were there, my serving of Italian ice was frozen hard. It looked as if it had been measured out into the glass and the glass then stored in the freezer. No problem, I thought, just sitting in the tea would make it soften up to eating consistency, but by time I had finished my portion of the sandwich, it was still rock hard, as I pointed out to my husband with a sigh. Since the teaspoon that came with the tea was plastic, I wasn’t having a lot of luck breaking it up.

Shortly thereafter, I made a trip to the restroom. I wandered slowly back to the table, looking at small items that the cafe has around it for sale. When I got back to the table, I saw my husband with my iced tea glass and plastic spoon in hand. He had patiently chipped away at the ice until it was the consistency I wanted.

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