Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Back

It’s been over a week since I last posted. The main reason is that I talked my doctor into ordering physical therapy for my problematical left foot. I pointed out that since I’ve injured it twice in one year, it probably needs strengthening, or something. So I’ve been attending PT 3 times a week for an hour each, and have exercises I need to do four times a day. The good news is, I’m back to being able to do my usual activities of daily living ( a little therapy speak there). The bad news is, I may have to wear athletic shoes to a good friend’s wedding. Fortunately she’s not the Bridezilla type; she’s a power lifter who would probably wear them herself under her dress if not for her two sisters having a fit.

Another reason for not posting is that our internet connection keeled over and died. It turned out to be our modem, which was four years old, but before testing the modem, the cable guy insisted on checking all our wiring, replacing connectors, and suggesting that the wiring itself was outdated and might need replacing. Only to find out that the modem was dead. He also left one of his wrenches here. We called to let the cable company know, and haven’t heard back.

The final reason is that I was working on a blog post about something stupid (IMO) said by two different writers whose work I have read recently, each citing a different person as a source. At least that’s how I remembered it, but when I went back to look for exact quotes, I discovered that the first writer had quoted the stupid statement, but then analyzed it, with references to research, and concluded that the issue is more complicated than that. So now I have to rethink my blog post, including the issue of just who is stupid here.

Scary moment. How often do I do that - remember something I have read or heard incorrectly and draw a completely unfair conclusion? I tend to check sources before committing myself to blog posts, but most of my life is not blog posts. Much of the time I have to rely on my apparently untrustworthy memory for the information I use to draw conclusions and make decisions, some of them important. 

On the bright side, my garden is thriving. All the plants I thought I would have killed by now are blooming profligately. The poinsettia is covered with new growth, the petunias, million bells and verbena are sharing their big pot nicely, and even the jasmine by my front door, which sits in bright shade for all but two hours a day of filtered sun at best, has glossy green leaves and fragrant white blooms. Maybe it has something to do with my remembering to water everything now that I am home during the day.

Maybe everything in life, from muscles to memory to plant life, works better if you pay it some attention. 

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