Friday, May 1, 2009

I Don't Really Need a Blog, So Why Do I Have One?

About a month ago I found an interesting blog that I wanted to comment on.  In order to do that, unless I wanted to comment as "anonymous" along with the 26 other souls posting as "anonymous", I needed an account of some kind.  Since I actually have a gmail account, I decided to use it for posting comments, at which point I discovered that I now also have the ability to post a blog.

I would have left it at that, that I have the ability, but not the necessity, to post a blog, except that it occurred to me that since no one would actually read a blog that I wrote, it would be the perfect place for posting all those musings that have no other outlet.  Accounts of my day that I would share with my husband if I could ever get a word in edgewise. My views on the latest building project at church.  Plans to murder people who take my parking space.  That sort of thing.

I was almost stopped cold at the necessity of naming my blog.  "Blatherings" is already in use on more than one blog.  So are "Random Noise" and a few other choices.  "Word Salad", however, appeared to be free.  It's also appropriate for two reasons: my profession (more about which eventually) and my posting nickname, Coleslaw.  So Word Salad it is.


  1. Love the name of your blog. :-)Great choice!

  2. nice pictures on your page

  3. Thanks, ready. I like taking pictures, and am trying to get better at it.